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Hey everyone! My name is Breann LaFaye Fisher aka Bre LaLa. I am 23 years old and  was I born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.  I am a graduate student of the University of Toledo. I have an Associate Degree in Technical Studies ( Fall 2014) and am currently working on my Bachlors in Business (Summer 2015). 


In 2012, my twin brother ,Bryson, and I created a business called Allo Dyno. We love music, art and individuality, so we put our heads together and combined all of our talents into this one beautiful creation. Bryson is a rapper and performer, while I am a YouTube  show host, DIY diva and homemade product inventor. We have our products in one store in Toledo, Oh and hope to expand in the upcoming year.


We love what we do and we hope we can share that love of art with the world! 

I created this website so that I could teach and empower others. This site will touch many different topics of natual hair, makeup, styling, care and so much more. I've done a lot of research on these topics and experienced many of these challenges on my own. I hope that I can help someone to acheive their goals and to learn to love their natural hair! 


My YouTube channel is my FAVORITE way of interacting with my followers! Visual learning is the BEST in my option because it's fun and interactive. I love to learn from others and teach through my channel. I will do my best to answer questions through my videos so you can learn your natual hair and how to care for it.


I look forward to talking to you all on my many different forms of social media. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day! 


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